The need for “Memorials” – the Common use of Bronze Plaques

As per previous blogs Phoenix Foundry’s core business is plaques for cemeteries, crematoria and memorial gardens.  Remembrance is a changing process for many people and with the growing rates of cremation we are finding that people are choosing to remember in many varied ways.  But are these areas “lasting” or will the memories of loved ones be lost?

If we look around the community both inside and outside the cemetery walls, it is scattered with lasting memorials made from durable cast bronze plaques.  For example, almost every region has a War Memorial where people can visit and pay their respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  These memorials are used not only for family members but also the community and this tradition should be continued into the future.  The question should be asked: Would we be happy to cremate and scatter the remains of a soldier in modern days and not provide any lasting memorial?  I would like to think that the answer would be definitely not, so why are we happy to do this to our loved ones.

Images from the Australian War Memorial In London

Memorials provide a place for family members and friends to visit and remember.  It is important to have a place to go when desired like those special occasions of birthdays, anniversaries, fathers day, mother day etc.  Memorials don’t only provide somewhere to grieve, they also provide somewhere to visit and reflect on the many great memories shared.

Many cemeteries now provide a large range of memorial options for families.  Landscaped gardens are being created within cemeteries to make them more attractive to families and to help create a more significant and memorable experience when visiting.  Gone are the days of cremated remains only being offered placement in brick niche walls.  Images below show varied options of what is now available from cemeteries around the world.

Outside the cemeteries varied options are starting to emerge.  “Places of Significance” are important to families and are becoming a popular option.  These may include roadside memorials, sporting grounds and even a return to the once common church memorial.  Once again using cast bronze plaques in these areas helps create a durable memorial by utilising the many varied design options available.  This is a growing area of popularity for families and many cemeterians are now looking at alternative areas for these types of memorials to help capture the market. Providing families with a lasting memorial is the key objective so maybe one of the answers to the decreasing memorialisation rates within cemeteries is located outside the cemetery walls.


 Tuross Heads Memorial located in park next to beach in Southern NSW, Australia

Bill Shankly Gates at Anfield (Home Ground of Liverpool Football Club, UK) remembering the victims of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 where 96 fans were tragically killed

Roadside Memorials provide many varied options with no restrictions

I hope this blog has been useful in giving a better understanding into the need for a memorial.  If you have any experiences of what has worked for you please feel free to comment below and share.
Written by Phoenix Foundry CEO Ian Mitchell. Phoenix Foundry is the leading Australian-owned and made supplier of cast bronze memorial and cremation plaques and other products throughout Australia. . For further details about our product range and online design and ordering system you can visit


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