Customer Comments

These are just some of the many comments we have received from our customers:


We got a shipment from you today - 4 pieces - one of them being the Leinweber plaque which we ordered just such a short time ago and here it is, a few days ahead of schedule.  All the plaques are great - you guys are incredible!  Thanks so much.

Kootenay Monuments, Canada 8/10/2009

On behalf of the Class of 1963, may I express our appreciation and thank you for your excellent product and service while providing the first five honouree plaques for the Wall of Honour at the Royal Military College of Canada in September, 2009.  Your agent in Canada, Tom Genusso, was most helpful to us in preparing our order and in answering our many questions during the project.   It was a great relief when they arrived to find the plaques exactly as ordered.  Thank you.

Ted Davie
Wall of Honour, Canada 9/1/2010

Hello Tom - I have received the plaque for Byram Downs Street and I just want to say two things....

Thank you so much for the very speedy delivery and WOW - the Plaque looks awesome - great job.....   I think the Mayor and Council are going to be very impressed with this new style and the Ajax crest adds a great dimension also - thanks for suggesting it....

Cherry Sivigny
Town of Ajax, Canada 13/08/2010

After seeing their display of a new 6" x 2" plaque concept and liking the 'look', we asked and, Phoenix readily agreed to develop an enhanced 24" x 30" version, designed to specifically meet the needs of our new project. Not only does phoenix offer innovative plaque ideas but they do so alongside friendly customer service and quality bronze products that are competitively priced

Nicole Lichty
City of Kitchener, Canada 9/10/2010

We installed the wall plaque at St. Mary of the People Catholic Church this week and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the staff at Phoenix the plaque looked great and everyone was very happy with it.  And also thank you for your time and understanding our needs

Glorriane Hopper
Resurrection Cemetery, Canada 20/11/2010

I got it, thank you so much.What an amazing program, I have already done 3 layouts and will continue to use this wonderful tool.I think that this program really is a time and money saver, plus our clients can have a layout done in 5 minutes for them to look at and approve.I LOVE IT.
Peter Van Dalen
Mt Pleasant Group, Canada 5/2/2011

The plaque arrived late yesterday pm.It is fantastic!  You have made a masterpiece!  It is magnificent and better than I could have anticipated.Thank you for such an incredible piece of work.We are now thinking of a change in location for the plaque so that it will get more exposure.I will show it at our next meeting and I know it will get rave reviews.Again thank you.
Jim Cantlie
HMCS Venture, Canada 17/5/2012